Making a claim


The following is the procedure typically required by travel insurers if you hold a policy and wish to make a claim. Some insurers may have a slightly different procedure, full details of making a claim will be in the insurer's PDS (Product Disclosure Statement).


  1. Go over Policy Details. Your provider will have something like a Policy Disclosure Statement or something similar that will have all details of how to make a claim through them and what you can claim on etc. Alternatively they may have a Claims FAQ page that you can read through to help you.

  2. Contact your provider. Most providers will have a 24 phone number or email address you can contact them on in regards to lodging a claim.

  3. Collect all proof needed to support your claim. You will need to supply originals of all police or medical reports, any receipts declarations or evidence of ownership to prove your claim. Make a copy of everything so you’ll have a copy as well.

  4. Fill out correct paperwork. Along will all proof you supply you will have to fill out a claim form that can either be requested over the phone or downloaded off the internet.

  5. Lodge your claim. This is done online or via fax or email or post, once you have done this your provider should contact you and inform you of what will happen next and whether your claim is valid.

Important points to note 
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